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The Upper Green River Valley of Wyoming is a vast expanse of high desert rangeland with ribbons of tributary creeks and meadows that lead into the Green River.  Flanked by three mountain ranges and surrounded by hundreds of square miles of public lands, Cottonwood Ranch evokes the serenity, solitude, and beauty of what it means to be in “ God’s Country”.  This place, this endless reach of land, is home to awesome herds of elk, antelope, mule deer, and countless moose.  There is a constant catch of the eye to the birds of prey, from golden eagles to sharp flight of the kestrel falcon.  The wildlife is stunning, set amongst the backdrop of a working cattle ranch, framed in by the stunning high peaks of the Wyoming Range, Wind River Mountains, and the Gros Ventre.

Cottonwood Ranch operates over 4000 head of cattle on over 100 square miles of land in one contiguous breadth from 7000’ in elevation to over 9000’, from the rolling sage to the forested slopes of the Wyoming Range.  We operate the ranch with an efficacy of conservation and stewardship which is reflected in our management.  Cottonwood Ranch is a stronghold of American heritage, agriculture, and western values.  This is a land of story, from the cowboys to paleolithic hunters. From Native Americans to pioneers, the history is marked in our landscape.  The story of the land, of the the wildness of a place, comes from the people who have experienced it.  Come be a part of that story, experience the endless space and possibilities.



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